Theories on Human Learning and Cognitive Development in Young Children

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Learning is the keystone to American society. It has brought society trough times of economic darkness, religious revival and social instability. Learning has always been debated in the context of when does the learning start in human development, Is learning the result of nature taking its course as was argued by rationalist like Plato and Rene Descartes. According to (Bee&Boyd, 2007) Rationalist view point on education is entrenched in the idea that ( “knowledge is inborn”). On the other end of the spectrum you have Empiricists like John Locke who believed that learning was something someone would have to teach a child, he believed a child had no previous inclinations about anything and, that child could only learn by being taught by a…show more content…
After looking at figure 1.2 by which shows the Patterson model (Source: Patterson, G. R., DeBaryshe, B. D., and Ramsey, E., 1989) this model shows the hypothetical model of a child who may grow up to be antisocial which would affect their learning capability by not being able to observe and learn from the people and environment around them. Also the author believes that as a child progress in age he or she has a the ability to observe and take in more. For example children start to go to school when they get older by being around other children their behavior tends to become a less of a selfish type of attitude into attitude of wanting to be friends with other kids. Children as they get older see more than just their perspective this shifts their attitudes and enables them to learn from their perspective peers. In the cognitive-development aspect of learning the author believes the theory is correct. The author feels that the process of learning has steps and that cognitive-development shows how each step is an important part of the learning process. The author thinks that four stages of cognitive development are easily seen in most children from one’s own opinion. For example the first stage talks about how a infant first experience of learning comes when the baby opens their eyes and hears for the first time and by doing this starts to form a opinion from what it see’s in its
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