Theories or Concept Practices of Developing Countries

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Theories/ Concepts practices of Developing Countries Developing nations have undergone many transformations in terms of governance, education, infrastructure, economy and on human rights issues. Developing countries have utilized a lot of concepts and practices in order to meet society needs. Over the last decade, African countries had dictatorial leaders, but since the beginning of this century, revolutions have taken place, a very good example is the fall of Gaddafi's, Mubarak's governments in Libya and Egypt respectively. Democracy is a process where people reach consensus in regulations, policies on human rights, laws, and structure of the society. Democracy is essential in maintaining social justice, equity, fair and equal economic opportunities for all citizens. A democratic government has branches and institutions for implementation, formulation and enhancement of policies and laws; a basic democratic government has the judiciary, the legislature, the Executive and most recently the Civil Society (Robinson, 2001). Collaboration of these institutions ensures that the society has better living standards. Democratic governments promote human rights and development; human rights policies designed institutions develop human rights laws and policies, global treaties made, and frameworks developed to promote human rights in the national agenda. Democratic nations wish to promote better economic conditions, to equitable resource for all. Economic growth ensures that
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