Theory Analysis of the Experiments of Kohler

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Kohler was the father of insight psychology and seemingly one of the precursors of behaviorism. He concluded that learning is a trial-and error process that depends on rewards and punishments. Kohler learned this form his studies with chimps and other animals such s dogs and cats, where, he showed that through insight behavior animals learned how to achieve their goals and which types of conduct to avoid (Hothersall , 1995). His first experiment was to place food at the other side of a barrier. The dogs went directly for it. The chimpanzees tried going around the barrier to retrieve the food. His other experiments were mostly around the same theme:o f placing chimps in an enclosed cage and of keeping food out of their reach watching how they would go for it. The four chimps that he used, called Chica, Grande, Konsul, and Sultan, tried to ape Kohler's modeling in order to reach the bananas and when they could not, Sultan put two sticks together and created a stick long enough to reach the bananas outside his cage. On a consequent study, Kohler hung bananas from the roof. The chimps first tried to get them down by using a stick. Eventually, they balanced boxes on top of one another to reach the bananas. Kohl saw three categories of insight learning: 1.through trail-and-error, the animal perceives the solution to the problem. 2.Insight learning is not dependent on rewards 3.when one problem has been solved, it is easier to solve a similar problem (Hothersall, 1995). Testing
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