Theory And Strain Theory Of Gang Violence

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Dealing with bullies and gangs would be a hard proportion of dealing with gang members that is around that are in the area that they live in. Those things are dealt with the people that has not have had proper things in their community but when they did not get it they did violet things to get what they wanted for themselves or an individual. Some gangs could be started in a community or at a school. They get started cause of the things that is happening around them and to see that other people are getting bullied so they join gangs to be protected by their gang members. This brings back up my theories with differential opportunity theory and strain theory. Gang violence that is done in a community is dealing with other gangs wanting to have control over that part of the community, and how that gets started is they both are trying to do the same thing in a neighborhood that they are in.
There are many theories that can be applied to gang violence; however there are two theories that focused on gang violence that will be emphasized on in this paper. Differential Opportunity Theory discussed the disadvantage of individuals that do not have equal access to illegitimate opportunities. This theory dealt with the persuasion of young people into the involvement with gangs and contributing to the crimes that could pledge them as a criminal into the network. The theory demonstrates that organized crime has been committed in that specific community. Also with…

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