Theory And Theory Of Theory

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Theory What is theory? According to Garver (2008, p. 65) theory can be nothing more than a hunch, in which case it may lack not only proof but also any reasonable basis in fact or probability, because, theories are too diverse to just be listed under just any single type of rules. Maybe because all of them can carry us somewhere further than what is right underneath our noses and just maybe that in itself is what is really important. Theory will never go away, and it will always involve some form of research from “the first stage, help us to create research questions, and then to derive specific hypotheses or theses” (“What is Theory”, n.d., p. 1). Next, we are able to use it “to make our findings comprehensible, then perhaps it will enable us to see the connection between different sorts of research findings, to draw some form of conclusions about the world, and finally, it will be our guide in addressing problems in practical ways” (“What is Theory”, n.d, p. 1). General Strain Theory The theory we used was general strain theory (GST). This research will examine what type of effect it could have on delinquent behaviors of juveniles’ or adults, by investigating the effect of vicarious, experienced, anticipated victimization and the unsuitable coping mechanisms of inmates. It will specifically, examines how they could be affected by witnessing different types of physical victimization on other inmates’ or use of violence and drug/alcohol. As we know just being exposed to the
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