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Theory/author name and background Theories are used in nursing practice for various reasons to describe, explain, predict and prescribe. Grand theories (or conceptual models), provide a framework model for clinical practice, education, administration, methodology, and discipline inquiry, however, they cannot be applied directly to practice. As an alternative, middle-range theories are the ones that are applied directly into nursing practice and they must be consistent with the adopted conceptual model (Whetsell, Gonzalez, & Moreno-Fergusson, 2013). Betty Neuman System Model (NSM), a grand theory, provides a comprehensive guide to nursing research, practice, education and administration. More so, this system model has the probability of unifying health-related theories through intervention and patient reaction to stressors. It views the patient as an open system that responds to stressors in the environment. The patient variables are physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual. The NSM has been acknowledged for its relevance and consistency and has been used in various clinical and educational settings for having a multidimensional and holistic systemic perspective (Whetsell et al, 2013). Betty M. Neuman developed the NSM, a comprehensive and influential theory of nursing which has impacted not only the nation, but also the world since its appearance in 1972. In 1947, she acquired registered nurse (RN) diploma from the Peoples Hospital, Akron,
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