Theory Critique: Cloud and Townsend

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Theory Critique: Cloud and Townsend
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Theory Critique: Cloud and Townsend
Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend (1999) have created a comprehensive work titled Boundaries in Marriage. In this book they have outlined what boundaries are and what can be done to create healthy boundaries within a marriage. First, let’s look at the definition of boundaries. Cloud & Townsend (1999) define this as “a property line” (p. 17). In other words in a marriage it is a set of rules that a person sets for themselves so that they can control their emotions; this is also known as ownership. A person must find that ownership within themselves to avoid trying to control or put blame on the other person; this
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This list is just basically an example of what kinds of conflict a marriage can face; however, there are also strategies that the Bible discuses repeatedly and are ones to be followed to help a person create a healthy bond between a couple. The six strategies are: observation of the conflict; confrontation of the problem being open and honest; having ownership, grief, and apology of the conflict; repentance of the sin that has been committed; being active in the process for necessary change; and reexamination of the conflict, marriage, and boundaries (Cloud & Townsend, 1999).
Evaluation of the Strengths and Weaknesses
In reading the work by Cloud & Townsend (1999) I found no real weaknesses but only strengths on how to improve a person’s marriage. Boundaries in Marriage are not only for the couples that are experiencing current problems; but for the newlyweds, more seasoned couples, and for the ones who are not yet married. Regardless of the persons situation being able to learn what boundaries are and why they are needed is an important part of a healthy marriage. Cloud & Townsend (1999) describes the values that a person must have in order to have a healthier marriage, this is a strength because they require a person to form a relationship that is closer to God first. If we put God first in our lives in not only
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