Essay on Theory Critique: Crabb and Hawkins

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Theory Critique: Crabb and Hawkins
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Summary of the Content
Both authors express many overlapping elements of revealed truth in regard to the process of counseling and the problems that are derived in the life of clients and people suffering from disorders and psychologically unhealthy mindsets. Hawkins utilizes a theory of 5 concentric circles defining the human psyche and physiology. Hawkins goes on to relay his theory of counseling that utilizes 4 phases in which the counselor and the client work through the issues that hinder the client and formulate a plan of action in which the client is assisted in overcoming issues and able to become accountable and productive within the community. Crabb’s (1977) theory of
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Hawkins continues to track the action plan of the counseling process and to follow its progress. He does this with a strategy in which 4 phases are modeled in a grid (Hawkins, 2012). Phase 1 is a listening and understanding phase for the counselor. In Phase 2 the counselor begins to set the direction and proposes and pre tests drawing out proposals from the client for an action plan thus also reality testing the client’s proposal for action as well. During Phase 3 the counselor directs a formation for a plan of action which is collaboratively structured by both client and counselor, the client must take ownership for implementation while the counselor takes ownership for the assistance in development of the plan for action. In the final Phase 4 the counselor supports the commitment for change within the client’s action plan by arranging for accountability within the community (Hawkins, 2012).
Evaluation of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Crabb
Dr. Crabb (1977) utilizes four aspects of integration involved in the goal of counseling, which as he expresses within his view the goal of counseling is Christ likeness based on a foundation of spiritual and psychological maturity. The four approaches are labeled by Crabb (1977) as such; 1) separate but equal,
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