Theory Critique of Crabb and Hawkins Essay

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Theory Critique of Crabb and Hawkins Jeremy Poling Liberty University Integration Dr. Crabb suggests that there are four viewpoints to integrating spirituality and psychology. The first being “Separate but Equal” This viewpoint ascertains that psychology and spirituality do not mix any more than if a person needs a filling for a cavity or the excising of their wisdom teeth, they do not peruse the scripture for direction the person goes to a dentist. This view is not solid for its very premise is flawed. When dealing with man’s troubling emotions and thinking scripture has much to say about this. For example in 1 Cor. 10:5, we are directed to control our thought life (Holy Bible). The second view “Tossed Salad” is acceptable…show more content…
Dr. Hawkins’ model for the counseling process and the description of the person is diagrammed using concentric circles (Hawkins, 2011). The first layer is where the core is: human spirit, image of God etc. The second layer consists of the soul – thoughts, will, conscience, feeling. The third layer consist of the body. The fourth layer consists of temporal systems such as family, friends, church, society, government, economy, and education. The fifth layer consists of supernatural systems such as: God, good angels, demons, and Satan. Hawkins uses a four-phase model grid for tracking process. Phase1 is where the counselor listens to the person talk and seeks to understand. Phase 2 is where one tracks what the patient is saying and sets the direction and proposes a plan of action. In phase 3 one directs the plan of action from the information provided and seeks to have client take ownership. In phase 4 one supports the commitments to change through arranging for accountability. All of this takes place in an atmosphere that is penetrated by love. Evaluation

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