Theory Dispute Resolution Essay

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Sophocles And Plato LLP, Republic Chambers, High Street Canterbury, Dear Mr Varden I am writing to advice you on the actions you should take that will benefit you the most considering your current situation. After a lot of consideration, we at Sophocles and Plato LLP of Republic Chambers believe that the best way to resolve your dispute with Motor Services (Medway) Ltd would not be through the use of litigation as you stated your intentions in your case file however would be to engage in an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) first, with litigation being a final resort. Our professional opinion noted that mediation would be the best process to use for your specific situation as will give you the best…show more content…
During negotiations no party wants to show any signs of weakness which will lead to stress and deadlocks between the two parties and therefore intensifies the dispute, leading to litigations. This is what has happened in your case as it has led to you wanting to take them to court and claiming £3500 where as if they had just fixed the slight problem both parties would be content and it would have cost a lot less to fix the problem on the BMW 3 Series. This is why we were advising mediation as a mediator would suggest these different ideas, which will be beneficial for both parties. In negotiations there is a fine line between withholding to much information and giving to much information away. Withholding to much information will cause frustration for both parties as neither side wants to break and give anything away. However giving to much information away puts you on the back foot if the dispute goes to court the party might will be at a disadvantage. Unlike Mediation, negotiations are not confidential and therefore both parties can give away too much information which can all be used in court as counter evidence which therefore can be used against you, fortunately the damages you seek to recover have stayed relatively constant throughout the information I have seen, furthermore it is not a huge amount more than the car its self, meaning that the it is
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