Theory Is A Liberatory Practice

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Bell Hooks states in her essay that theory is a liberatory practice. I couldn’t agree more with her because it totally gives me a space to express my ideas and to share my point of view. Through theorizing as Hooks said, one can heal him/herself. I think addressing the issues, I face in my daily life, would give people a chance to relate themselves with me, as I have also started relating myself to many different theories. In my essay, I want to focus on few different things which some may agree and some won’t, but my goal is to let things out which were piled up inside me. “Hey Terrorist!! Go back to your country!” Are you oppressed? , Were you forced to wear this head scarf? “Do you wear a scarf while taking shower”? These sort of statements and questions soon became a part of my everyday life, when I moved to New York. My sophomore year of my college was an eye-opening year for me. I declared women’s studies as my minor and I felt this weird comfort inside me after getting introduced to feminism. I was happy to know that I was not the only one who was being treated as “other” in the society. There were people who were, are and is still struggling and fighting for their rights. As an American Muslim woman, I felt more comfortable around these people, around those who felt like minorities, who felt as if there were not being valued and equally treated in today’s society. But now I want to address few issues and share my thoughts about how Islam has made me a feminist. I

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