Theory Of Control And Experimental Group

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Both control and experimental group are used in an experiment, however the experimental group will not be exposed to the IV but the control group will be. 2. Fully explain (2-4 paragraphs) the concept of comparison of control and experimental group. To conclude if a treatment had effect, a research will compare the experimental group to the control group. In a controlled experiment there are two or more things being compared. However, there is only one variable (IV) that will be changed, meaning that the some participants will not receive the experimental treatment. The participants are randomly selected to be in the control group. A variable in the experimental group can be changed to determine if the outcome is dependent on that variable. This means that the researcher has control over what type of treatment to give the experimental group, but the control group doesn’t get anything. In doing so the researcher is able to isolate the IV and calculate its impact. When this happens, the research can then compare the two groups to see if the treatment or condition made a difference. 3. Provide examples to illustrate the concept of comparison of control and experimental group. Control group Example: I69 run through numerous cities in the State of Texas. If a researcher wants to test their hypothesis that I69 is the fastest route from Rosenberg to Houston, then the experiment will need a control group which is a different highway. The researcher would compare a
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