Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

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Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.
According to history, Charles Darwin is the first scientist to frame the theory of evolution by natural selection. It was publish in his book title "On the Origin of Species 1859”. Darwin express the theory of evolution by natural selection as a process by which species change over a period of time. This change take place because of the changes in genetic and behavioral traits. The ability of the organisms to change over time or adjust to fit environmental factors is due to the ancestral trait. The evolutional theory was supported by great body of evidence from various scientific disciplines.
Natural selection is the main fundamental tool used in the theory of evolutional change. Natural selection in evolutional theory is the process responsible for the evolution of adaptive behaviors. Without the knowledge of natural selection in evolution, it will be very difficult to understand how organism display their diversity and their tough behavior to adapt and survive in an environment.
The theory of evolution by natural selection has two main points:
 All life on Earth are connected and are related to each other, and this variety of life is said to be a product of changes of species by natural selection in which some traits are favored by environment factors over other species.
 Natural selection depends on the ability of an organism to attract a mate. An example of this process is the peacock’s colorful fluff and a male deer…
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