Theory Of Evolution Doesn T Challenge My Perspective Or Understanding Of God

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I find that the theory of evolution doesn’t challenge my perspective or understanding of God. Firstly, because my relationship and idea of God are relaxed, due to my upbringing. Yes, I believe in a God, however like what Solomon said in the Books of Wisdom, one must know about the world to further understand themselves and the relationship with their God. From that, I believe that faith and reason go hand in hand. Therefore, being ignorant, cause you to have a misconception of the world and yourself. This also goes for Darwin’s theory of evolution, which has discredited the creation stories in Genesis. Primarily because Genesis is a collection of myths and folktales that seek to explain questions about the world that we do not have the answers for at this point in time.…show more content…
To an extent, this affirmed to the viewer that while he was interviewing a number of people, he remained unfazed by their perspectives. I believe that he did this for effect during the film and to illustrate to the viewer that we all have our own different perspective and view of our religion, faith, and relationship with God. Therefore, we all entitled to our own opinions. Thus needs to be taken into consideration while studying theology. This is because our humanness creates a diversity of opinions and perspectives as we analyse and reflect on our own religious perspective.
Although at times during the documentary the host, did explicitly declare that he did not agree with the perspectives of evolution, the creation story and the birth of
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