Theory Of Group Counseling Paper

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Theory of Group Counseling Paper Alex Dossett CHRD 766; Group Counseling South Dakota State University Describe how your experience of the leading, participating in, or observing groups have informed or influenced you regarding your own group leadership skills, leadership style, and perception about groups; Describe your perspectives about the functions of a therapeutic group in assisting client changes; Discuss the elements or factors contributing to the development of the group, and changes and growth of the clients; Describe your role as a group leader and therapist in the group Personal Reflection Through textbooks, articles, lectures, and experiential activities, I have recently had the opportunity to learn, first-hand,…show more content…
I was questioning my abilities as a group leader, and even more so, as a counselor. Through our first session, I learned that leading a group takes preparation, practice, and confidence. The group process takes time and trust is not immediate. While you may want cohesion amongst members, some members will be hesitant and cautious. But instead of trying to fill the awkward silence, allow the space for processing and reflection. While I was disclosing trying to create universality among members and myself, there is a line that I have become more aware of. As a co-facilitator, I learned about the importance of trust. Without a relationship and understanding, there is an imbalance between co-facilitators. If the co-leader relationship doesn’t model trust and egalitarian principles, then this could stall the momentum of the group. As the first session progressed, I was pleased with how participants were interacting with us, as we had tried to create a casual, open environment. As initial rapport continued to develop, our group moved towards the transition stage. It was here group members’ true personalities began to emerge, while they were still testing the waters. At least some degree of anxiety and fear still surfaced within the group. Coming off our first session together, I did not necessarily feel as though I was radiating confidence, but I decided to “fake it until I make it”. This allowed me to take the
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