Theory Of Knowledge Essay 2014

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„That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.“

Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge.

To what Extent is new knowledge better than old knowledge and therefore can knowledge be permanent?

To answer this question, one first has to consider that knowledge as such varies on the point of perspective, since there are many ways of knowing. As for example Reasoning and Sense Perception. Reasoning is something we use whenever we tend to make a decision, therefore the interpretation of the word “Reason” can vary in the slightest form. Our sense of reason is usually decided by our instinct as we decide almost unconsciously depending on the sort of experience we have had before.
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For example in 2009, the swine Flu was devised worldwide. Later given facts proved that the amount of deaths caused by the Swine Flu measured annually were similar to any other of a normal Flu. 1This proves my point that scandals are devised to the wider public to hide real problems. The modern media makes this very easy, as they seem to push the importance of scandals. This can be linked to the area of knowledge History, as it might have been the case with past incidences, and therefore how do we know if they are correct?
Today is a time measurement representing the present. This makes me wonder what knowledge exists today? Will it be permanent? To what extent is knowledge temporary? As we have seen in the past, knowledge we have gained previously proves to be wrong over a certain amount of time. If we look back for example people used to believe that the earth was flat. This was predominantly because the technology was not there to research further. So basically a lack of technology hinders us from knowing everything. Can this be applied to us? It is often said that the more you learn the less you know, which conveys much the same problem as the essay. For example myself, when I was younger, I used to believe that colours were just given by nature. But now after some time in Physics lessons, I realised that colours are nothing more than the visual perception from the light reflection depending on its wavelengths. How do we know we can trust the
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