Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Theory

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Many theories exist around the world involving many different subjects. Some theories are in the science area while others are in the psychology area. One psychology theory that is used in education is the theory of Multiple Intelligences. The Multiple Intelligences Theory is a theory that shows the nine intelligences all individuals possess, with some individuals being more strong in some intelligences more than the others. Knowing the nine intelligences that exist, it is easier for educators to be able to teach students in the intelligence they are strongest in. The Multiple Intelligences Theory’s key points are that all individuals possess the nine intelligences, each intelligence can be improved with the right instruction, and the…show more content…
Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory is a theory with nine intelligences. The nine intelligences that are in the Multiple Intelligences Theory are the visual-spatial intelligence, the linguistic-verbal intelligence, the mathematical intelligence, the kinesthetic intelligence, the musical intelligence, the interpersonal intelligence, the intrapersonal intelligence, the naturalistic intelligence, and the existential intelligence (Cherry, 2016b). These intelligences are possessed by all individuals with some being stronger in some more than in others. Some individuals may be stronger in the visual spatial intelligence, which means they learn better when being able to watch videos and pictures or doing things that lets you see rather than hear. A person that is strongest in the kinesthetic intelligence are strongest in body movement and these people like to dance and learn better by dancing or moving their body. The second key point in Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory is that a weak intelligence can be improved with the right instruction. If an individual is weak in one intelligence, it can be improved with the right instruction. For example, if an individual lacks in the verbal-linguistic intelligence, he can take English classes or Communication classes in order to better improve in the verbal-linguistic intelligence. If an individual is
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