Theory Of Planned Behavior

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The HBM has also inspired a range of successful behavior change interventions (Jones et al, 1987).The common-sense operationalization that HBM uses including key beliefs related to decisions about health behaviors is taken as a strength. The psychological readiness to take specific action and the extent to which a particular course of action is believed to be beneficial in reducing the threat are the two important variables of HBM. (Rosenstock, 1966)
Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)
The Theory of Planned Behavior developed by social psychologists and has been broadly applied to understanding health behaviors (Ajzen, 1991, Conner and Sparks, 2005). It specifically addresses the factors that determine that individual’s decision to perform a particular behavior. TPB
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The individual theories are grouped by shared assumptions, techniques and different strategies of research, but keep their different aspects of views on the role that cognitions play in behavior change. Cognitive behavioral reflects the importance of both behavioral and cognitive approaches to understand and/or help human beings.
In general Cognitive behavioral interventions target both cognitive and behavioral problems using a comprehensive integration of cognitive and behavioral strategies. Cognitive behavioral theories provide great opportunity in treatment targets and interventions, sharing a fundamental emphasis on the importance of cognitive performs and private events as mediators of behavior change. Behavioral assessment might provide an understanding in the functional relationships between thoughts, behaviors, and feelings and all the necessary information for health care providers and researchers to implement and evaluate different interventions of health education and
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