Theory Of Virtue And Self Love

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Theory of Virtue Self-love has the “I” factor as a predominant that rules the actions of an individual. It comes from connecting the soul to one’s true self whereby an individual allows his inner light to shine in order to attract other human beings to have a close relationship with him wholeheartedly. Self-love comes with the acceptance of every kind of our lives and others the way they are. It is one of the most challenging aspects in our lives. It is, therefore, very important that human beings should look at the ways by which we love ourselves, as it is the same way that other people are going to love and treat us. The following are some of the aspects of self-love: 1. Self-acceptance 2. Self-respect 3. Self-esteem 4. Self-responsibility This requires that we should be happy for who we are, our personality, and the physical appearance. It requires that we accept our weaknesses and strengths without feeling guilty. Self-love comes together with self-respect. This requires that we have a positive attitude in regards to the right to live with happiness and dignity. It needs that we should have a good relationship with ourselves by living with the truth without fearing the social pressure or to live in denial that may result in compromising our self-integrity. Self-esteem will always develop whenever we love, respect, and accept ourselves. It is very important in that it helps us in looking at ourselves as being worth of love, happiness, and consideration. Finally,
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