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Theory Outline
Tiffany Woods
August 8, 2012

Theory Outline 1. Theory: Psychoanalytical Theory a. Key Concepts i. There is a focus on unconscious psychodynamics. ii. Individuals pay attention to repressed information. iii. In therapy, the therapist and client work to build the ego to moderate ID and superego. iv. The client works on establishing transference. He/she will tell the counselor what has caused the difficulties and the therapist and counselor work through it. v. The client and therapist explore the client’s past. vi. There is a focus on specific influences during the developmental years and how those influences influence his or her current
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xxxi. He focused on the two types of psychological attitudes which were introversion and extroversion. Introversion is turning the libido inward and extroversion is turning the libido outward. xxxii. His four psychological functions were thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting. xxxiii. Late in his career, synchronicity came to light. He believed this occurred when an event in the outside world coincided with an event in mind. m. Key Theorist xxxiv. Carl Jung was the key theorist in Jungian Theory. Through his research, he sought to gain an understanding of the psyche through dreams, art, mythology, religion, and philosophy. n. Appropriate population of the Theory xxxv. Jungian therapy can be used with adolescents and adults. Jungian play therapy is an alternative to the more traditional talk therapy. o. Inappropriate population for the Theory xxxvi. People who do not believe in a higher power may not benefit from this theory. Jung would engage his clients in spiritual exploration and this may not fit everyone. p. Therapist’s Role xxxvii. The therapist helps individuals to approach the unconscious to develop greater self-awareness and individuation. q. Client’s Role xxxviii. The client must come to therapy with willingness to sole search. r. Theory
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