Theory Theories, Subcultural Theory And Self Control Theory

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This time, I am going to focus on these two theories, subcultural theory and self-control theory. The reason why I chose these theories is that I am studying abroad now and I have possibilities that I can be a person who have subcultural aspects and need to do self-control here in US. Anyway, subcultural theory was built by Merton. This theory describe that there are many people who completely adjust their own norms or rules and these things are totally different from the major social group, so they tend to be deviant ( Walsh & Hemmens, 2014, p.151). On the other hand, self-control theory was built by Gottfredson and Hirschi. This theory describe that criminal behaviors are related to their lack of self-controlling abilities and such people often be like risk taker, impulsive and active ( Walsh & Hemmens, 2014, p.194). Then, I would like to look at these theories one after another. Subcultural theory As I said in the introduction section, this theory focuses on the deviants who have their own norms that are totally different from majorities. According to Cohen, this deviants are often low class people who desire to success to be respected or rewarded ( However, because of their poor educational environment, lacking of assets, and unstable working conditions, to be successful is really difficult. This condition makes them frustrating to be their status and makes them off from
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