Theory X And Y : Theories

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M Indira Ananda

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Theory X and Y are theories founded by Douglas McGregor, a professor from MIT Sloan School of Management, which are inscribed in his book, “The Human Side of Enterprise” in 1960. This essay will explain about the theories used in human resources, which according to McGregor are vital in the success of one’s company. Theory X is the theory who assume people to dislike work or just want to work if they received orders from superiors. While the theory Y assumes people love to work and will do the job without waiting for orders from a superior and always wanted to do the best for the manager. Both of these theories describe about motivation of human and role of management behaviour. The theories assemble the factors of production, including human resources for the economic benefit of the firm, organisational communication and organisational development. In this essay we will discuss in detail about theory X and Y, and application to individual and corporate.

First is theory X. In theory X, people very lazy to work and just work if they like the job or received commands from their manager and want to earn wage without working to much. The characteristic of theory X can be anti social, does not thank or praise, does not participate, unconcerned about staff welfare, or morale, takes criticism badly and likely to retaliate if from below or peer group. From this result we know that management believes that workers need to be

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