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douglas mcgregor - theory x y
Douglas McGregor 's XY Theory, managing an X Theory boss, and William Ouchi 's Theory Z
Douglas McGregor, an American social psychologist, proposed his famous X-Y theory in his 1960 book 'The Human Side Of Enterprise '. Theory x and theory y are still referred to commonly in the field of management and motivation, and whilst more recent studies have questioned the rigidity of the model, Mcgregor 's X-Y Theory remains a valid basic principle from which to develop positive management style and techniques. McGregor 's XY Theory remains central to organizational development, and to improving organizational culture.

McGregor 's X-Y theory is a salutary and simple reminder of the natural rules for managing
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Theory X managers are facts and figures oriented - so cut out the incidentals, be able to measure and substantiate anything you say and do for them, especially reporting on results and activities.
Theory X managers generally don 't understand or have an interest in the human issues, so don 't try to appeal to their sense of humanity or morality. Set your own objectives to meet their organisational aims and agree these with the managers; be seen to be self-starting, self-motivating, self-disciplined and well-organised - the more the X theory manager sees you are managing yourself and producing results, the less they 'll feel the need to do it for you.
Always deliver your commitments and promises. If you are given an unrealistic task and/or deadline state the reasons why it 's not realistic, but be very sure of your ground, don 't be negative; be constructive as to how the overall aim can be achieved in a way that you know you can deliver.
Stand up for yourself, but constructively - avoid confrontation. Never threaten or go over their heads if you are dissatisfied or you 'll be in big trouble afterwards and life will be a lot more difficult.
If an X theory boss tells you how to do things in ways that are not comfortable or right for you, then don 't questioning the process, simply confirm the end-result that is required, and check that it 's okay to 'streamline the process ' or 'get things done more

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