Theory X and Y: Style Management

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Theory X describes a results-driven manager who issues deadlines and ultimatums, is elitist, does not build teams, is a one-way communicator and a poor listener, and a whole host of other negative traits. This is the "authoritarian" style, and while MacGregor's (Chapman, n.d.) treatment of this manager is overwhelmingly negative, these types of people often become managers because they deliver results. Theory Y managers, by contrast, as known as "participative" and are characterized by a host of positive adjectives. According to the survey (Chapman, 2002), my situation falls into a score of 45, which means that I am subject to generally Theory Y management. According to the second part of the same survey, I scored a 69, meaning that I strongly prefer Theory Y style management. I think that these two scores largely relate to my experience at work. My own score is not at all surprising. I am an intelligent, independent person and I am accustomed to charting my own course in life. For me, it is very important that I am in a work environment that values me as a person with unique contributions to make. I do not fit in well with most corporate cultures because of that, and I never have. I have had some difficulty, therefore, finding a good company to work for. It seems to me that there are not really a lot of companies that lean so heavily towards the Y scale. Those that do exist can be very difficult to get into, which tells me something else about human nature. I
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