Theory as an Important Paradigm of Modern Nursing

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It is a foundation upon which one builds a toolbox of materials, designed not to treat every situation in a similar manner, but to have a means and template from which to help make decisions for the patient. One theoretical maxim important to modern nursing is that of Family Systems Theory, and its offshoot, Family Stress Theory. One theory, the Family Systems Theory was proposed by Karl Ludwig von Bertalalanffy, an Austrian Biologist. This theory is an interdisciplinary practice that describes systems that have numerous spokes, or interacting components. The origins of the theory came from Bertalanffy's view that the basic laws of thermodynamics (i.e. temperature, energy and entropy) work better for closed systems. Open systems, like living things, show different patterns and tendencies. FST tells us to think in a whole system fashion. Thus, for the healthcare profession, FST takes a more holistic approach to healing and the body than looking at individual organs, disease, or symptoms. The family is interdependent and structured and a holistic unit (Weckowicz, 2000). Family Stress Theory builds upon this and finds that systems help explain how families deal with stressful situations; really going through four generalized stages: 1) Positive and negative stresses occur regularly within the family (A); 2) The family turns inward or to the community or extended family, for resource…
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