Essay on Theory of Criminal Behavior

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1.0 Introduction
Crime depicts any act or omission that is prohibited by the public law. On the same note, behavior is a function which has measurable differences in psychological characteristics among individuals (Brennan-Galvin, 2002). Such characteristics may be influenced by constitutional, personality attributes, and neurophysiologic or genetics factors. Likewise, criminal behavior is the commission of acts which in their situational and social settings are considered crimes due to the fact that they violate existing norms and codes of conduct regardless of whether the perpetrator is arrested, and if tried, convicted or acquitted. The origin of criminal behavior is complex since it involves long term interaction of the psychological
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After testing validity, the weight of the evidence supporting the theory is measured by ensuring that it is empirically supported. This implies that the theory should be in a position to give valid results when it is applied to the real world. Finally, a theory should have concepts that cover both parsimony and scope. It worth mentioning that parsimony entails the provision of a more concise explanation regarding a theory. Studies indicate that a theory which uses few concepts to explain a crime is better than the one which employs several concepts. On the other hand, scope refers to what a particular theory is able to clearly exhibit in terms of definitions or topics of study.
Many theories have been put forward to explain criminal behaviors but the most common one is the social control theory. This maintains that all people have the potential to violate the law and the society (Alston, Harley & Lenhoff, 1995). Furthermore, the environment is an important fueling factor because it provides the opportunity for criminal activities to be carried out. This is bent on the fact that an individual gains the know how on the carriying out of criminal activities as easily as obtaining knowledge on performing socially acceptable activities. However, any theory related to the explanation of criminal behaviors must logically and clearly give details on the factors which relate to crime.
3.0 Relevance of studies related to the theory of criminal behavior
There is
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