Theory of Demographic Transition Essay

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The Theory of Demographic Transition Demography is the study of the components of population variation and change. Death rate and birth rate are two determinants of population change. Theory of Demographic Transition is comparatively recent theory that has been accepted by several scholars throughout the world. This theory embraces the observation that all countries in the world go through different stages in the growth of population. A nation's economy and level of development is directly related to that nation's birth and death rates. Population history can be divided into different stages. Some of the scholars have divided it into three and some scholars have divided it into five stages. These stages or classifications demonstrate a…show more content…
But the death rate exceeds the birth rate, which triggers the population increasing very slowly or almost stable. In this stage, birth rate becomes high due to less use of contraception and sterilization. Most of the people do survive in agriculture where the children are considered as economic assets and so people are encouraged to get many children. Similarly death rate becomes high due to diseases, natural calamities, wars, etc. Infant death rate is also found very high. Because of poor health facilities provided by the state to the people, lack of clean water and sanitation and food shortage, health of the people will be weak so that the people will depart the life in high numbers. Before 1920, China and India were at this stage (Raj, H. 2003). This stage is generally found in the countries where people depend on agriculture as a main source of surviving. At present, the countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Angola, etc. are passing through this stage (Raj, H.2003) The Early Expanding Stage: This is the second stage of the Theory of Demographic Transition. In this stage, birth rate does not come down from the High Stationary Stage but death rate gets very much declined, which triggers very rapid growth in the population change. In this stage, the nation provides the better public health services to the people so that the people will not depart from the life so rapidly, and the declining in infant
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