Theory of Knowledge Essay

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To what extent might lack of knowledge be an excuse for unethical conduct?

Theory of Knowledge Essay
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There are certain “Areas of Knowledge (AoK)” type of knowledge questions within the subject of ethics that could be considered quite debatable rather than easily being verified with a concluding idea within a short amount of time. Knowledge questions such as “To what extent might lack of knowledge be an excuse for unethical conduct?” for the AoK topic of ethics allows us to take further insight in one’s moral values in contrast over representing a lusterless discussion to consider about. Ethics always applies the conception of a human’s moral values but nowadays a dissent occurs whether a person presents proper morals by unambiguously relying upon given rules and regulations is considered morally “ethical” since it remains questionable if moral principles are existent. Moreover, there are always an extent to what conditions must moralistic standards be broken and remain ethical. Someone associated with autism for instance and performed an act of misconduct can’t always be accounted as “unethical”. Then again, notify how the previous sentence implies, “can’t always”, suggests how there’s an extent to people lacking with knowledge as well and aren’t constantly reckoned as ethical either.
Moral relativism affects our values and how society deliberates & perceives each person as for instance, take into account “culture”. As
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