Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Personal Experience

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personal names I fleetingly recall being in fourth grade and my teacher, Mr. Pox, was instructing us how to tell time. The feeling of trying to overcome this hurdle to recognize the “big hand” is for the minutes and the “little hand” correlates with the hours, was such a great feat for a fourth grader. At the time, that felt like such an accomplishment yet there would be many more and greater to come. According to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in his essay “A Rounded Version: Theory of Multiple Intelligences,” he contends that we have more intelligence than what a test could prove because we all each excel in different areas of life (Gardner and…show more content…
Listening to the other ideas instead of just my own, taught me to compromise. This was a way to work well with people and get things done quickly to get the best grade I wanted. In school I have seen students who are timid than most and feel awkward working with people. They work better by viewing things alone allowing them to excel in individual assignments. They display an Intrapersonal Intelligence guiding them to be self-sufficient. They have a greater sense of their self enabling them to utilize that knowledge. Learning your own self could be said to help you work with others but it helps to look from your own feeling and notice others around you. People get farther working with others than always working alone. Linguistic intelligence is not only the ability to make a proper sentence with error free grammar, but it includes the expertise to formulate words that convey a clear and thoughtful message. Learning a language is a highly sought linguistic intelligence and some might even say very necessary. I have, not mastered yet, learned three languages; Swahili, English and Spanish are in order of what I have been taught first in my life. Mastering these three languages is a long journey far from over. Sometimes in my Spanish class, I feel that I will never learn all of the language in time or be secure when I speak it. I remind myself, though, that there are many words in English that I still have not encountered yet in my life and
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