Theory of Music and its Effects on Health and Wellness

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Theory of Music and its Effects on Health and Wellness
Chronic diseases are a problem for the mind and body. Not only are chronic diseases harmful to the body, they take a toll on a person’s psychological wellbeing. Depression, anxiety, and stress are the most common problems associated with chronic diseases. They are harmful to the body and inhibit recovery. However, the theory of music has been proven to decrease stress, depression, and contribute to improved health. Patients with chronic diseases who listen to soothing music have shown improvement in mood, emotion, and their overall psychological state, therefore enhancing their health. In order to implement this treatment, the medical team must consider the whole patient not just the
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The typical way to alleviate anxiety is to use pharmacological sedation however; the side effects are serious and include vomiting, respiration difficulties, and depression. Over the years, research has been done on using pharmacological drugs verses non-pharmacological prescriptions, the non-pharmacological prescriptions have been proven to work better. Prescribed music therapy or “singing medicine,” has increased in pediatric hospitals and clinics. The healing power of children’s songs can distract and relax the pediatric patients. In addition, the music therapy decreases heart rate, respiration rate, and anxiety. Though, classical music is calming to adults, the genre is not as effective on children. This study suggests that using music that is familiar to the child is more effective than classical music (Austin).
Music therapy is a treatment that can be used for a wide range of medical conditions. In a review of current research, music studies were compared. The effects of music on heart disease patients showed improvements in heart rate, respiratory rate, and reduced anxiety, after listening to relaxing music for only twenty minutes. In a study on cancer patients, music therapy showed improvement in wellbeing, reduced tension, and reduced serum cortisol levels during the listening experience. In cancer patients, music therapy has been shown to decrease anxiety and stress as well. Music
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