Ther Kingsboro Psychiatric Center Case Study

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Ther Kingsboro Psychiatric Center is the only psychiatric hospital in Brooklyn, which is state-run with 140 beds. At Brooklyn general hospitals, there are 790 psychiatric inpatient beds, which is 40.2 beds per100,000 compared to 41.0 in NYC (NYS DOH, 2014). There are 186 mental health residential programs in Brooklyn, including apartment/treatment, children and youth community residences, congregate support, congregate treatment, single room occupancy (SRO) community residence, supported housing community service, and supported/SRO (OMH, 2014). However, the distribution of the behavioral health resources are scattered in the Brooklyn Borough. Not every neighborhoods share the same amount of resources.
Except the resources above, there are
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There are 4,899 social workers in Brooklyn, or 192.7 per 100,000 compared to 231 per 100,000 in NYC.
To increasing the efficiency and meaning of those resources, local participation is very important (Majee & Hoyt, 2011). However, the residents of Brooklyn seem have limitation accessing to mental health services. Although it might be the case that community organizations and residents are not aware of available services or how to access them. In addition, greater stigma is in mental health issues than other health concerns, which tends to limit use of services (NYAM, 2014).
In addition, the health care services system is fragmented. The physical health care and behavioral health care are restricted according to the funding and different regulatory agency. But there are still some agencies work on taking care of the integrated health of the residents in Brooklyn, such as Institute for Community Living (ICL) which has three sites in Brooklyn. ICL tries to combine different services into one site and to provide more integrated care for the residents with
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