Therapeutic Alliance With V ( Cbt )

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Therapeutic Alliance with V (CBT) What is really interesting about the intake process, and what it looks like at my field placement. A pre-plan is a billable service that the electronic medical record takes into account for an intake appointment. The pre-plan is a therapist and consumer’s first insight into what the consumer wants to gain from this alliance, the desired optimal result to be reaped from this connection. It is my view that this person-centered planning approach goes beyond rapport building and actually begins the construction of a therapeutic alliance or bond (Bordin, 1979). I was present for V’s pre-plan where he gave us a brief overview of his goals and the tasks that he felt that he was comfortable and confident he could carry out with the support of his family and new therapist (MacEwan, 2008). The pre-plan prompted questions like, “What are you good at? What are some strengths you have?” He answered with a full-on smile about how great he was at video games, listening, reading, using his hands to make or fix things. V’s aunt could not help but agree and added additional information including that he is a whiz at all kinds of electronics and appliances. The other clinician, myself, and this family talked about books and even found some standards that we all liked in common. We made sure to remind him during this time that he would be seeing another therapist, a man like his aunt so adamantly requested and we confirmed that he would be aware of all he was
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