Therapeutic And Non Therapeutic Communication

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This paper is the result of the review of five different articles that supports the PICOT statement which was about effects of therapeutic and non-therapeutic communications, in nurse-patient relationship, on patient’s conditions in hospital. The paper contains of explanation of each article followed by the relation to the PICOT statement. This paper will discuss the importance of therapeutic techniques, in contrast of non-therapeutic techniques, in health care setting by providing different resources and different rationales. It also will provide different types of techniques for both therapeutic and non-therapeutic communications. The PICOT statement’s population of study is people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The information of this paper will cover the effects of therapeutic communication for almost every patient in the hospital including patients with COPD. The question that needs to be answered in this paper is the effects of therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication on patients’ conditions. It also contains the comparison of different articles regarding the topic. The paper provides the outcome of therapeutic communication, which is a better condition which leads to a better quality of life, in the period of time that patients are in the hospital. Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review Communication is one of the most important factors in human beings’ relationships. People communicate with each other in different ways, but what
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