Therapeutic Benefits of Stem Cells Essay

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Therapeutic Benefits of Stem Cells A stem cell is a cell which can differentiate into any other type of cell in the body. It can become a blood cell, a liver cell, or even a nerve cell. The only problem with stem cells is that they can only be found in the bone marrow of living humans or the gonadal tissue of developing fetuses. There are many people who believe that stem cells are the miracle cure for cancer, Parkinson’s, and many other terminal diseases, but there are large groups of people opposed to the use of stem cells because of the means by which they are attained. This debate will go on indefinitely, because there are prodigious amounts of support for both sides of the issue. The many benefits of stem cells out weigh the…show more content…
Scientists have used gene therapy ( Inserting a strand of RNA into a virus which will then cause the cell to create new proteins) to insert a normal gene into the stem cells of the children’s bone marrow (FDA, 2003). By doing this the scientists have been able to successfully treat nine out of the eleven of the children who were afflicted with the disease. The scientists say that “The children went on to live relatively normal lives” (FDA, 2003). If the stem cells were not used, the children would have certainly died before they even had a chance to live. These are just a few examples of the many benefits of stem cells. People in the religious community as well as the human rights community do not like stem cells because they either come from a living patient’s bone marrow or the developing tissues of fetuses. They believe that the unborn child is “alive”, and so they think that using stem cells is murder. The fact is that scientists use primarily aborted fetuses, which would only be incinerated instead. These people are not focused on the ethical issues of stem cells, rather they are trying to combat abortion, a problem which has persisted through history. The most promising use of stem cells is in the field of nerve damage. Your body stops creating nerve cells right when you are born, so if your nerves get damaged, you cannot create any new cells. People who are paralyzed in
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