Therapeutic Communication Reflection

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I have seen the nursing process being used within my practice. The society that I go to for my clinical evaluations and regular charting for every resident in the house. They identity daily, short-term, and long-term goals. Every resident has a chart that the need to fill out, by doing this it allows the residents have some accountability on their part of the goals. In addition, the nurses also observe that the residents progress, these observations are done throughout the day and charted daily. Being in the practice setting for a few weeks now, I’ve had the opportunity to use nursing processes with a few residents. I worked with a resident to help them understand and communicate with the staff members about how this resident was feeling. I worked with this resident to prepare and brainstorm ways that they could approach and deal with the issue. Helping them understand that feeling …show more content…

Understanding my boundaries, I knew that I needed to get common ground with the clients before trying again about their history. Using therapeutic communication and showing that I was interested in what they had to say I noticed that they did begin to allow more in-depth questions about their family history. Furthermore, one resident in specific was left behind by their family. Speaking with this resident I could tell they get very emotional and they have blocked many things from their past out due to the mistreat they received as a child. When this occurs, I know that I need to allow the resident to talk about it. It is very important at this point that I use my therapeutic communication, keeping my eye contact constant, and showing that I am responsive and listening to exactly what the resident is saying. I could see that the resident felt even more comfortable by the body language shown after our

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