Therapeutic Interaction Analysis : Avera Behavior Health

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Therapeutic Interaction Analysis: Avera Behavior Health Mental health clinical this week was located at Avera Behavior Health in Sioux Falls. My patient interview took place in the adolescence mental health wing. The type of treatment provided was structured, inpatient treatment and the average length-of-stay in this unit was around 6 days. Initial Thoughts My initial thoughts on my patient after reading her Kardex information was that she has had a very tough and challenging life thus far. She has already been through more traumatic events than most people do in a lifetime. I was also nervous as to how she would handle talking to someone that was so close to her in age. Another initial thought…show more content…
This theory describes the different phases that a nurse-client relationship goes through. The phases that my patient and I will most likely be working in are the orientation and the identification phases because our relationship will be new. Our interaction will focus on building a mutual trust and understanding, as well as answer basic questions as to why my patient is here and things that she has been struggling with. Depending on how long my patient has been in the program, she may be open to exploring more of her feelings and sharing more about herself with me. Focusing on developing a good nurse-client relationship will help me during my interaction with my patient and will help me understand her needs better. Personal Goals I will stay calm and will not be nervous during the interaction. I will do this by focusing on the needs of my patient and by trying to understand how she is feeling in this situation. I will ask open ended questions. I will do this in order to foster a meaningful conversation and to allow my patient to answer questions in her own way. I will use silence throughout my interaction in order to give my patient time to think about what she wants to say. I will do this by waiting for her answers and by encouraging my patient to take part in our interaction. Therapeutic Communication Strategies I started my interaction with my
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