Therapeutic Intervention

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Presenting Problem 1. Client demonstrates excessive and sometimes unrealistic worry that has been occurring more days than not for past seven months. Client has been affected by physical issues due to anxiety; such as, nausea, diarrhea, lack of sleep and trouble falling asleep, excessive crying, discourse at home, and hypervigilance. 2. Client is demonstrating phase of life problems and which is presenting as restlessness, anxiety, and loss of identity (un-fulfillment) due to his child pulling away from him as she enters school full time.
Long-Term Goals (Created and approved by both client and counselor, and based on The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner)
Anxiety: Symptoms of anxiety will be considerably lessened and will no
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Brainstorm with client possible sources of support or respite. Administer the Strong assessment.
Reorient life view to recognize the advantages of current situation 1. Identify five advantages of current life situation 2. Apply problem solving skills to current situation
Therapeutic Intervention: Aid the client in identifying advantages to his current life circumstance. Teach the client problem-resolution skills.
Balance life activities between consideration for others and development of own interests 1. Apply variations in time and energy distribution to reinstate balance to life 2. Enhance activity changes that strengthen a positive self-identity
Therapeutic Intervention: Help the client to identify areas of his life that needs modification in order to restore balance. Aid Cameron with utilizing the results from the Strong assessment in order to pursue career change and develop an action plan to achieve his choices.

Other Therapeutic Intervention: Incorporates family therapy to examine and facilitate family comprehension of new and old family dynamics, unhelpful patterns, and concerns in family configuration, and aid the family to practice and utilize communication and conflict resolution
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