Therapeutic Orientation

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Therapeutic Orientation

When i decided to pursue a career in counseling a concern of mine was how was I going to remember so many theories and be effective in helping my clients as a counselor. It was this course that i was introduced to the development of my therapeutic orientation, and am relieved to know that the process is one that will most likely never stop changing. As I continue to develop my theories orientation, my own values, beliefs, perceptions, and ideas will continue to factor into my choices. I have noticed a common theme in the tenets of the theories that I am drawn to, such as empowerment, self-actualization, self awareness, the past, spirituality, gender role socialization and others. What i have noticed is that i am drawn to theories such as Cognitive Behavior therapy, Person-Centered Approach, the Feminist Theory, Rational Emotive Therapy, as well as Transpersonal Therapy.

In the video Dr. Marszalek points out in the video that your theoretical
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As a result of this course, it is clear that integration of theories will be necessary at times when working with clients.I have a solid understanding that there is no one fit all theoretical approach to a client’s issues. Each client comes with his or her unique set of issues and challenges, in addressing their issues and how to go about helping them to resolve their issues. Dr. Edwards, as i have been developing my therapeutic orientation, i was so focused in the process of defining that i lost fact of the fact that as you stated our theoretical orientation will change as we continue to growth, and evolve as counselors. I also appreciate the information regarding agencies that have a set theoretical orientation, usually linked to a funding source. This is good information. You mentioned the need to be integrative. Throughout this course with different assignments I have comprehended the need to be intergrative with
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