Therapeutic Recreation Essay

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Along with the profession and settings of Therapeutic Recreation, the types of patients that are treated must be discussed. Recreational therapists treat a wide range of people that need health services, such as individuals with mental health problems, addictions, developmental disabilities, and need for general medicine on a daily basis (ATRA 2016). There are signs everywhere that people in health services want to improve their quality of lives (Ashby, Kottman, & DeGraaf 1999), however, I feel as though people, at times, do not want to be involved in therapy, even when they should, because of their “ego” (Guzman 2011); many scholars have agreed upon this idea. Typically, pre teens are treated through therapeutic recreation due to mental or physical illnesses that they are born with. The treatment that they go through, typically, will help clients expand their minds to how they can become more “normalized” in life as they get older. Teens are one of the main groups that are using therapeutic recreation for treatment. Addiction is one of the largest abuses that this group faces. Psychoactive chemicals, such as illicit drugs, alcohol, prescription or over the counter medications, and cigarettes have become major national and international problem affecting all parts of society (Nation, Benshoff, &…show more content…
Even though, OCD clients are diverse in what they are suffering to overcome, they can do therapy to help manage the problem. When watching OCD camp, a therapeutic recreation show that brings teens and young adults into the wilderness for a camping experience that will help them overcome their problems, one at a time. Watching the process that all clients had to go through, was interesting, as well as, empowering. People overcame so much, and truly are loving themselves more because of it. Therapeutic recreation can help so many
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