Therapeutic Recreational Types Of Therapeutic Recreation

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What does therapeutic recreation mean to me? Therapeutic recreation is a process that utilizes recreation and education as a way to enable a being with any type of disorder, mentally, physically or emotionally. My personal belief is that recreation can be used to help anyone become happier or more comfortable than they already are. To put it simply, I believe that therapeutic recreation is a very organized way to help people, no matter the circumstance, without prejudices, or discrimination, and judgments. It doesn’t matter whether the person was born with a disability, physically or mentally, or even if they were born with no disability and are considered to be ‘clinically healthy’, I believe as a TR representative it is our job to improve the lives of others in any way we possibly can because if someone isn’t as happy as they can be we theoretically can at least try to help. Although I have yet to work in a therapeutic recreational type environment, I feel that I have learned many helpful skills that translate from other fields that I can apply to the field of TR. This past summer I worked two jobs in two completely different fields from each other and therapeutic recreation. Working at a bar taught me that you need to be patient and accommodating to peoples needs and wants. I also learned how big of an impact you could make on someone’s day just by doing the simplest tasks. This is especially important in TR because our goal fully revolves around improving health and…
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