Therapeutic Reflective Report

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The information presented during our orientation day was somewhat daunting but after having a few days to process everything and read over the information again I feel prepared for this clinical. I feel that all of the information provided was helpful to prepare us for the encounters and experiences that we might have on 5E. I feel I am in somewhat of a unique position having been on the unit before and having some idea of how a typical day is scheduled and the difference of the patient clothing and ability to walk around from other units in the hospital.
That being said this is in a different role from previous experience and there are always learning opportunities and experiences that can challenge your comfort level, but I feel prepared for this from orientation.
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Always being present of placement in a room and not cornering yourself. If anything doesn’t feel right or feels uneasy I will not try to intervene myself but will defer to the staff for assistance. I don’t believe that I would change anything about orientation at this point. I liked the environment/atmosphere that was created by our group. It was relaxing with no pressure to have to answer during our group discussions and fair exploration was given to everyone’s answers and questions. I am finding it hard at this point to be able to gauge experiences and what I might need to help challenge myself. Therapeutic discussion is one area I would like to work on and I feel that this is being addressed with the 1 on 1 conversations. Would it be OK to let you know in future entries if there is a particular area that I might feel the need to be more
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