Therapeutic Relationship Patients

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Therapeutic Relationship Patients [pic] Translate This Page [pic] Powered by [pic]Translate [pic][pic] Download PDF Free Essay Quote This piece of reflection will focus on my experiences whilst on practice placement; I will be using the (Gibbs 1988, cited in Jasper 2003, p.77) model of reflection. Gibbs cycle is set out in order of categories made up of different headings. (See appendix 1). By using this cycle it allows me to reflect in structured and effective way. The subject of this final piece of reflection will cover the development and utilisation of interpersonal skills in order to establish and maintain therapeutic relationships. Neal (2003, p100) states a therapeutic relationship can be described as being between…show more content…
I knew this was something I needed to overcome and as I started to settle in and understand the routine of the ward the easier it became. Freshwater et al (2005, p101) suggests the nurse patient relationship can be viewed as a major therapeutic tool of effective patient care. McHugh Schuster (200, p7) sates that communication plays an important role in the therapeutic relationship. Clark & Bridge (1998, p2) suggest that forms of communication such as asking questions, allowing patients to express their feelings, or reassuring patients by means of touch will also result in important patient care, and increase patient satisfaction and well being. Nichols (cited in McQueen 2000, p723-731) also suggests that the nurse is the central figure in the patient care and is best placed to provide much of the psychological care and this demands good interpersonal skills to form a therapeutic relationship with patients and to communicate more effectively with relatives and other health professionals. Communication covers a wide range of things including touch, play, and enthusiasm. Touch is important as it showed that I was listening to the patient’s, touch can mean different things, and it is a silent language of non verbal behaviour. Touch is an affectionate way of transmitting warmth. Whilst I was on the ward an example of touch would be when patients are upset or anxious I would maybe hold their hand or give them a
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