Therapeutic Relationships Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to help clarify the meaning of therapeutic relationships. As a student nurse, I believe that it is my duty to empower my patients and fellow nursing students and staff by engaging in therapeutic relations building exercises. I believe communication is a vital task in nursing and it is essential to build trusting relationships which in turn yield a positive recovery in any patient’s condition. In this assignment I will express what I think therapeutic relationships mean. I will also address my strengths in building therapeutic relationships. Lastly, I will focus on the areas I need to improve or develop to better help my patients, their families and fellow health care team members.
According to McKlindon
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I am aware that it is also important to always take the words that have been said by patients and not assume or misinterpret what they are trying to say. The biggest mistake I can ever make is to have patients withdraw their confidence in me. I feel that the need to assist patients in making decisions about their healthcare options is also important, but only when they ask for it. Therefore, promoting independence among patients seems to be the only key to effective decision making. I believe this is the only way I can help my patients feel appreciated. As a student nurse, the best way to facilitate this would be to listen attentively to what the patient has to say, but not make the decision for them. Where possible, I can explain all the details the patient is unclear about, but remembering not to pressure them into making decisions based on my own feelings. I feel that ignoring patients, asking patients to repeat what they are saying all the time and not looking them directly in their eyes when I speak to them can be a hindrance in building therapeutic relationships. I strive to be there for my patients all the time and support them in getting better as long as it is within my scope of practice to do so. I do realise that people come from different places and have different cultures. Therefore, I feel that as a nursing student it is not my job to impose my own feelings and thoughts on patients but rather listen carefully to the needs of my patients. More of the
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