Therapeutic Response To Grieving Research Paper

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The Therapeutic Response to Clients Dealing with Grief, loss, death, and Dying To begin, there are many aspects of helping patients that are dealing with grief, loss, death, or dying. Whether the patient has lost someone that was close to them or they themselves are dying, the situation is quite fragile. Some important aspects that may help when handling these patients are knowledge about the different cultures and their beliefs and traditions, different factors that have an impact on grief, and how to communicate with people living on the edge of life. These are all extremely important matters when it comes to such a sensitive situation. Culture ties into every aspect of the human life, including death. There may be right and wrong ways to handle the death of someone, as well as time periods involved. There may also be set people that need to know over others in certain cultures or religions. It is important to not disrespect anyone’s family or even themselves when it comes to that time of life. For example, Buddhists believe that after taking one’s last breath, the body should…show more content…
One of the main factors is age. A child is going to grieve a lot differently than a grown adult. Children tend to think that they caused certain events to happen. They might believe that their father or mother died because of something they may or may not have done. As a health care professional, is important to not only be honest with the people involved but also comfort them. A child needs to know that it was not their fault, but they also need to be aware that whoever passed away is not coming back. Another factor that effects the way people grieve is their relationship to the deceased. Personal beliefs also influence how people grieve. Knowing about the factors that might impact the way a person grieves is important so that a health care professional is able to help people through the bereavement
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