Therapeutic Services: A Career Analysis

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In this career cluster assignment, I chose to look into Therapeutic Services. Therapeutic Services are careers that focus mainly on changing the health status of a patient over time (“”, 2001). I chose to compare three careers that fall under these services, which are Speech Language Pathology, Registered Nursing, and Massage Therapy. Although they all fall under the same cluster they differ in their own unique ways. These differences include education, income, skills, and requirements. As a college student, it has been confusing to me on what exactly I want to be. There are so many careers and it is important to get in depth and see the advantages and disadvantages that each career brings. No matter what career anyone chooses it…show more content…
In order to help a patient, the speech pathologist must be patient, a good listener and compassionate towards their patient. These skills are important because you will be dealing with someone who will need your encouragement and patience since there will be times when they are going to feel discouraged. This job requires a lot of your time and it can get overwhelming due to paperwork and if you are expected to work outside of your scope (Yeh, 2014). I a currently taking American Sign Language (ASL) and I have felt impatient at times. Taking this course has made me feel that I can be patient and not get discouraged. ASL has been very difficult at times so I feel that if I were to become a speech language pathologist I would have already learned to be more patient and observant with my patients because I know how hard learning something new is. Especially since learning ASL requires you not to use your voice and just your fingers. It goes with people who are deaf and taking therapies to learn to…show more content…
It is important to analyze and be passionate when you choose your career path. They all benefit in many ways keep in mind the long-term health disadvantages to your body. This doesn’t mean to not choose any of these careers but to be precautious and take time off when it is needed. Remember that people depend on you but your body does too. Although they all focus on one's well being they differ since each career helps a person either by medication, speech or a
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