Therapeutic Techniques and Components of Narrative Therapy

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Discuss at least 2 major therapeutic techniques and components of narrative therapy and give examples of how to operationalize this approach. Narrative therapy is an emerging psychological technique that has gained considerable popularity since its inception in the 1970s and 1980s. It allows the patient to externalize the problem and when this psychotherapy is applied properly, it endows the patient with a fresh, more productive perspective to apply to their problematic situation (Freedman, Combs, 1996). Narrative therapy assumes a more open model; instead of normalizing one's sensibility, it seeks to simply provide the patient with a new vantage point with which to examine their situation. This paper discusses three techniques that employ the narrative therapy approach, each employing the metaphor of the narrative (or story) as the means with which to treat the patient. A number of narrative therapy techniques are practiced; one of the most common involves a simple process in which the patient verbalizes their predicament and the psychologist then re-interprets the story that the patient has just described, typically, with a more optimistic outlook than that of the patient. For example, if the client were distraught over having lost a sporting endeavor, the therapist could re-interpret the episode as a learning experience, describing how it would provide the patient with room to improve their skills and perform more successfully at subsequent sporting competitions. In
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