Therapeutic Treatment Plan Sample

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On 11/4/16 I attended the Lighthouse team conference via phone. The following is the current status from each discipline.


Ms. Key had no illnesses or difficulties since the last team meeting. She has had routine appointments with medical providers. Medications have been changed to try and help spasms.


Ms. Key is now walking with a cane. Therapy is working on left leg and foot positioning to walk better. Therapist is removing the AFO to build muscle. They will be doing a serial casting to improve the left leg and foot.


Ms. Key continues to need mod to max cueing with personal care and dressing. No initiation or follow through with self care. She continues to need mod to max assistance
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The State of Michigan continues to be her guardian.


Ms. Key has had over 35 community outings since the last team meeting. She enjoys going to community events and church. At this time she will continue to reside in the current home she is in. At some point she will be moved to an adult home.


Ms. Key behavioral issues continue to be addressed with a therapeutic treatment plan. GOALS

1. Ms. Key will continue to attend the Lighthouse School on a reduced schedule with a one-on-one aide.
2. Attend the team meeting with Lighthouse staff on 1/20/16.
3. Attend Dr. Kahn appointment on 2/9/17 for an updated treatment plan.
4. Lighthouse staff will continue to report decline in progress to me.
5. Attend appointments pertaining to medical care as they are made.


1. Ms. Key will move from juvenile to adult guardianship now that she 18.
2. No prior baseline available at this time.
3. Dysfunctional family dynamics.
4. Will never be able to live independently and will need therapy for most of her life.


1. Attend the team meeting on
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