Therapist Perspective Paper

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Therapist Perspectives Paper Danita McNeill Grand Canyon University Summer 2013 A sixteen year old teenager refuses to leave home and the therapist must review the situation from a MRI therapeutic approach. First, the MRI approach would not focus on the problem or how it developed but rather what efforts have the parent made to reach a resolution. MRI stems from the premise that families use practical attempts at resolving their situation but the attempts are ill-advised. MRI’s main focus is aimed at dilemma driven solutions; there is no advantage in long term change or what capacity the problem serves within the family. Haley and Madanes derive from the same school of thought but with some differences. Haley interest…show more content…
MRI therapist believe that families or individuals are entrenched in their problems and need assistance moving forward. Therapist will assist the family and Jose in setting achievable behavioral solutions. Additionally, MRI models the concept of help the family to reach resolution with a particular issue and ignore other issues unless the family or individual specifically ask for therapy on the other issues. Moreover, one must set obtainable and clear objectives, and once this objective has been attained therapy will concluded. MRI therapist would inquire of the parents what strategies have they imposed to get Josh to go outside. (Nichols, 2012) Haley and Madanes objective is often a realignment of the hierarchy within the family and across generations; focusing only on the realignment that relate to the current issue. Meaning, the therapist will work on enhancing the relationship with Jose and his antagonistic parents. To achieve this objective the parents will need to discuss the problem that exist within their relationship in order to help Jose. Theorist believe that establishing trust within the family, allows the family to pay attention to the present issue. The difference with Haley and Madanes from MRI is the belief that once the present issue has been sustained/managed and trust established the exploration of
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