Therapist Self-Disclosure In Group Counseling

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Essay 1: When is therapist self-disclosure “okay” in group counseling? How would it be used? Elaborate. I believe that this is a very tricky topic because you are not disclosing to one person in a group, but many individuals. The dynamics of one small disclosure can work, but other times it can cause problems within the group. I think that disclosure can be beneficial, but only at the right time. The most important part is being aware of the possibilities and being willing to take on the consequences that can occur because of it. It can backfire and without proper preparation, you should not be disclosing about your personal life as the therapist. Finding the right balance and timing is most important to me. As a counselor, you should not…show more content…
I would pick the best students from our cohort and if none of them were available I would pick the best one that I could from other therapist’s referrals overall. Benefits of having a co-therapist would be having two brains to pick up on cues, being able to split the work, and a better understanding of the client/group overall. This would be beneficial in treatment consultation meetings with other helping professions related to the case because it would give a better picture of the client(s). So, I would think about these qualities first and who’s personality would fit with my own before making a final…show more content…
Counselors must have unconditional positive regard, empathy, and genuineness as the basic foundation, but there are quite a few other qualities that I would be looking for in a co-therapist. They must have strong communication skills, being an active listener and an effective communicator is very important. Without actively listening or having good verbal skills you cannot show the clients that you are invested. If you do not have good listening skills as a therapist, it will be harder for you to understand the client and to connect ideas from the past and bring them to the present appropriately so this is something I would be looking for. Along with listening to the tone of your voice; this can make a big impact whether that’s positive or negative. The way you say things is very important in this profession and we should be very mindful as group counselors during our sessions because this type of therapy is very interpersonal in nature. Furthermore, someone who is good at picking up on nonverbal cues, such as good eye contact and smiling during the session(s). I believe that I am good at this for the most part, but that it would be better to have someone else who can easily pick up on cues as well. These things should be met before the group relationship can grow and
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