Theraputic Hypothermia Essay

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Theraputic Hypothermia Hypothermia, defined as a core body temperature less than 95 °F(35°C) occurs when heat loss exceeds the body’s heat production. (Ruffolo p.47) Thermal stability in humans depends on the body’s ability to adapt to changes in internal and external temperatures. Heat is transferred throughout tissues and fat, and is released at a rate directly related to the temperature of the environment through radiation, conduction, convection, and evaporation. Hypothermia is typically seen as a bad thing; however, various studies have been proving it to be very useful. Traumatic brain injury initiates several metabolic processes that can exacerbate the injury. There is evidence that…show more content…
Taken together, the findings in these trials are important, because in the United States so far, permanent brain damage after cardiopulmonary- cerebral resuscitation causes many delayed deaths and is seen in about 10to 30 percent of survivors of out-of hospital cardiac arrest. The fact that 2 studies yielded similar results makes the important conclusions even more compelling. The rationale for the use of therapeutic hypothermia is complex. Spontaneous uncontrolled hypothermia start with potential deleterious shivering, thermo genesis , catecholamine release, and vasoconstriction, there as controlled hypothermia is potentially beneficial. Therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest, as used in the 2 stories above, is directed at mitigating neurological injury. Temperature levels are important; mild hypothermia (33°C to 36°C) may be most effective, and is simple and safe. Moderate hypothermia (28°C to 32°C) can cause arrhythmias or even ventricular fibrillation and if prolonged, can lead to coagulopathy and infection. The timing and duration are important; mild hypothermia should be initiated as soon as possible after resuscitation, but even when delayed for a few hours, mild hypothermia has been shown to have some benefits un animal models of cardiac arrest. Mild hypothermia induced in patients for 12

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